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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Astronomy Backgrounds for the Zune

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Zune Media" @ 04:00 PM

I was poking around the Hubble space telescope site, grabbed five images, and turned them into 240 x 320 backgrounds for the Zune. Want 'em? Grab the ZIP file.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grab Some Wallpaper For Your Zune

Posted by Adam Krebs in "Zune Content Creation & Management" @ 08:00 AM


Need a hot new background for your newly 3.0'd Zune? Microsoft is now offering 94—count 'em—ninety-four professionally designed backgrounds for your downloading pleasure, all perfectly sized to your Zune's 3:4 screen proportion, and all come in high-quality 480x640 resolution, perfect for outputting to a TV or just showing off on-the-go (Zune device native resolution is 240x320). While most of these designs have been around since the 2.5 update, there's a whole bunch of new ones Microsoft has thrown in the mix to celebrare the 3.0 launch. Take a look, try them out, and see what works. Remember: You Make it You.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Zune Canadian Originals Wallpaper Free Downloads

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Zune Media" @ 04:00 PM


The Canadian Zune site has offered up a collection of wallpapers based on the designs you'll be able to get from the Zune Originals.ca site (whenever it opens up - June 13th I suspect). There's some nice artwork available, and it comes in three versions: a 480 x 640 version for your Zune, a 1600 x 1200 version for your 4:3 monitor, and a 1920 x 1200 version for your wide-screen monitor. Without further ado, here are the artists and their wallpaper offerings:
Art is largely subjective of course, but I dig the Meomi work the most. Nice stuff!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gorgeous Original Backgrounds from Zunecards

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Zune Articles & Resources" @ 04:00 PM


If you're looking for beautiful, completely original art for your Zune, you should definitely stop by Zunecards. I hadn't heard of this site before today, but it's really slick - their collection of backgrounds is small, but all very high quality. My only complaint is that it took a lot of clicking to download and unzip each of the 16 different backgrounds - I always wish sites like this would offer a single ZIP file with all their downloads, or at least one ZIP file per collection. Regardless, Zunecards is a site you definitely should check out!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Great Zune Backgrounds from Slav Mobile

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Zune Sites & Resources" @ 07:00 AM


One of the really nice things about the Zune having a 320 x 240 resolution screen is that it happens to match up with the screen size of Pocket PCs that have been shipping since April 2000. That means there are dozens of great background/wallpaper sites out there with images for you to use. One such site is SLAV mobile, an easy to use site with (currently) 624 backgrounds that are sized at 320 x 240 for your Zune. And these are really high-quality images as well - check out this one...

Thursday, February 8, 2007

In The Mood For Love?

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Media" @ 08:30 AM


Give your Zune a little love and check out these sweet Valentine themed Zune wallpapers from the Zune team or download the special Valentine playlists on Marketplace.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Looking for More Zune Wallpaper Downloads?

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Zune Content Creation & Management" @ 10:14 AM


If you're questing for more 240 x 320-sized images to use as Zune backgrounds, and our own meagre collection of themes (which I need to update soon) and community contributions aren't quite cutting it for you, check out pocketpcscreens. "But Jason," you might be saying "I have a Zune, not a Pocket PC!". Fret not intrepid Zune owners, most Pocket PCs on the market have 240 x 320 pixel screens, meaning you'll find a lot of perfectly-sized wallpaper out there ready for downloading (such as the one above). Simply save the 240 x 320 versions of the images that you want, transfer them over to your Zune, and select the "Set As Wallpaper" option. Nice and easy!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Zune Music & Photo Sharing: That's Just Plain Cool

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Zune Talk" @ 11:14 AM

There have been many complaints about the Zune and how the WiFi sharing is crippled from a functionality standpoint, and nearly useless because there just aren't that many Zune around. I've been one of the people complaining, because I think there's potential for so much more. But even today, when two Zune users get together, some cool stuff can happen. A friend of mine here in Calgary has a Zune, and one night a couple of weeks ago we swapped some content. I beamed him a whole bunch of Zune-sized wallpaper images, along with some funny photos I've collected over the years. He swapped out his wallpaper a few times, looking at the images I sent, and several people in the room used his Zune and my Zune to look at the funny photos and we all had a good laugh. Without the ability to send images over wireless from one Zune to another none of this would have been possible. The Zune's screen size also made looking at the photos a great experience - though I once again curse at the fact that portrait-oriented photos aren't displayed in the proper orientation (this is a very bad decision on Microsoft's part).

On the music side of things, he beamed me over two full albums. I remembered to listen to them the next day, and I spent the next hour or so grooving to Moses Mayes, a band I'd never heard of until then. The three plays limitation was enough for me to listen to the whole album three times, and by then I definitely knew I liked the band. I'm still not convinced that three days is a long enough - I don't listen to music on my Zune every day - but overall I'd say the scenario of sharing music is a very cool one that, once enough Zunes are out there, can make discovering new music easy and fun.

So, despite a rough start and some limitations, I'm a firm believer that wireless media players have great potential and sharing media with friends is a great social activity that the Zune makes possible.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Share Your Zune Wallpaper

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Zune Media" @ 11:00 AM


Have you made your own wallpaper for your Zune? If so, please post the images in this thread. We don't have image uploading turned on, so if you don't have your own image hosting, try out a free file hosting service. There are a few ground rules for posting wallpaper, so be sure to check them out before posting.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Zune Thoughts Wallpaper Section Launched

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Zune Content Creation & Management" @ 06:57 PM

Last night we quietly launched our wallpaper section here on Zune Thoughts, so if you're looking for some perfectly sized 240 x 320 images that will look great on your Zune screen, take a peek at our collection. We've started out small, with a collection of 26 of my own personal photos that I thought would look good as wallpaper. I've been given permission from a very talented digital artist to create wallpaper images from his work, and I know our very own Darius Wey is planning on adding some images of his own. I don't expect our collection to get up into the 1000's of images, but every image you see is carefully prepared, lightly compressed, and used with the permission of it's creator, so 100% legal. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Download the Zune Desktop Theme Today

Posted by Darius Wey in "Zune Software" @ 08:15 PM


Click above for a larger version (1680 x 1050, 336KB).

Deep within the innards of the Zune Software page is a free Zune Desktop Theme for Windows XP. Download and install it and you'll see a new UI sporting Zune-like colours (dark grey and bright orange) and Zune wallpaper for standard and widescreen displays. Go get it, especially if you grow weary of the common Luna blue.

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