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Monday, July 25, 2011

Get Extra Device Power with the Tekkeon myPower MP3750 External Battery

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Digital Home Hardware & Accessories" @ 07:30 AM

Please click on the video title above to watch it on YouTube in 1080p full screen video.

Who doesn't' want more battery life from their mobile device? I think we all do. I've been on a personal quest for years to find the best multipurpose external battery that I could find. I've looked at a few of them of the years (such as this one, and this one), but every one I've looked at has had limited functionality in some way. Usually it's that it's not compatible with whatever new laptop I'm using. The Tekkeon myPower MP3750, which sells for $119 in the Digital Home Thoughts Amazon.com store, is versatile battery in that it not only serves as a power source for a laptop, but with the USB port it can power a variety of devices. I was eager to take a look at it, and for the most part have been quite impressed with it. Read more...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Attack of the Leaky Battery

Posted by David Tucker in "Zune News" @ 06:30 AM


"Tristan tells Consumerist that his Zune was about two years old and out of warranty when it began leaking battery acid on his hand. Appalled at the options that regular customer service offered, he used techniques from the Consumerist toolbox and empowered himself. He used our guide to crafting an Executive E-mail Carpet Bomb, and found contact information for Microsoft executives on the site as well. Getting his case in front of a person with actual authority earned Tristan a free repair of his obviously defective Zune."

This happened a couple weeks ago but it's no less relevant if you have any issues that need to be resolved yourself. I don't think the substance was exactly battery acid as we might think of it in older batteries but no matter what it was, it was still bad that it was leaking from his Zune!

I have to admit, I think it was very nice of Microsoft to offer a free repair of a two year old Zune but that just goes to show you that if you're persistent enough, you can get most anything taken care of. I've actually had an issue resolved by the Consumerist before so I can speak to their effectiveness. I'd highly suggest reading the whole article to learn how you might follow Tristan’s footsteps if you feel you need a little 'extra' help from customer service.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Steal of a Deal - Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800

Posted by Chris Gohlke in "Digital Home Hardware & Accessories" @ 08:00 PM


"Tired of running out of juice when you're on the run? The Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800 is a rechargeable portable battery pack that supplies power to phones, MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets, and other mobile devices. The charger comes with seven adapter tips for use with most kinds of mobile phones, but you can also use the USB cable that came with your iPod, Zune, or other device. In other words, it's almost universally compatible, provided that your gizmo can be charged via USB."

I think I'm going to order one of these as is should cover my iPod, Zune, and phone. The normal price is $44.95, but right now Amazon has them for $28.99 $39.27 (they hiked the price!). [Affiliate] Unfortunately there is a couple of week backlog on their supply, so it will be a bit before I can share my thoughts. Anyone out there already have one of these?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Zune Battery Issues?

Posted by David Tucker in "Zune Talk" @ 09:48 PM


“A few people on the official forums have issues with battery life after updating their Zune 30s to v2 Firmware. Zune doesn't charge correctly and although it says its fully charged after a few hours the battery dies. I don't think its a very common issue but if you have it see how you can try to fix it...”

Are any of you having battery life issues with the new Zune firmware? I actually never thought about it with my Zune 30 but I actually may have the issue myself. I have noticed my Zune was draining more quickly than usual but I just figured I wasn’t paying attention to how long I’d been using it. After reading that others were experiencing this, I’m willing to bet it was the same issue. I can’t really test it since it appears I left my Zune cable in South Florida over Thanksgiving.

However, if you are experiencing this issue there seems to be hope! A Zune-Online reader came up with the following solution to the problem. I’ll have to try it once I have my cable back.

“Drain your Zune 30 completely of battery life until you get the exclamation point of death. Fully charge your Zune 30, overnight even. Reset it. You do this by simultaneously pressing UP on the directional pad and the BACK button.”

Sunday, April 22, 2007

ClicZune.com Reviews Belkin TunePower

Posted by David Tucker in "Zune Accessories" @ 09:18 PM

When I first heard about the Belkin TunePower I was very excited. While the battery life of the Zune is more than adequate to carry me through my normal day of usage, I knew that there would be situations that would leave me powerless. At work I mainly listen to music all day. Even if I do decide to watch video I always have the ability to charge the Zune while I listen or watch. On an airplane, however, this would not be possible. ClicZune.com has posted their review of the TunePower and I would recommend reading it over to decide for yourself if this accessory is right for you. ClicZune seems to like it and I think that anyone who travels with any frequency would probably benefit from this one.

Belkin TunePower

I plan on getting one myself before I go on a big trip in August. Hopefully I'll be able to give my own thoughts on this one soon. But don't just take it from me, go read it for yourself!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Microsoft Buys Fuel Cells... For Zune?

Posted by Damion Chaplin in "Zune Accessories" @ 03:00 PM


"A New York-based company developing fuel cells for consumer electronics devices says it has started commercial production of a fuel cell-based recharger for Microsoft. Medis Technologies produced the first Microsoft-branded rechargers on Friday, according to its chief executive, Robert Lifton. "It's the first commercial sale for our company and we believe the first commercial sale in quantity for the industry," he said. Fuel cells produce electricity through a chemical reaction, typically involving methanol, although Medis says its devices use a proprietary alkaline fuel. One day researchers hope to fit fuel cells inside products like mobile phones and music players, enabling the devices to be recharged in much the same way a lighter is replenished with a squirt of fuel. Fuel cells aren't yet small enough to be integrated inside products, however, so their first use is coming as rechargers offering the ability to replenish a dead battery when the user is away from an electrical socket. The product Medis is supplying to Microsoft is just such a device."

Well, we've been hearing about them for years, and now it seems fuel cells may be closer than ever to realization. With Microsoft buying an undisclosed amount of fuel cell chargers from Medis, a fuel cell Zune charger seems like a logical application. I could also see them charging pocket PCs and even Xbox controllers. However, I have one problem with fuel cells: If the airlines won't even let me on board with a cigarette lighter, what are the odds they'd let me on with a fuel cell? Pretty slim. I also really wouldn't enjoy refilling it with methanol when necessary. To use another lighter analogy, there's a reason why disposable lighters outsell refillable ones 20 to 1: People don't want to refill them. They want to use 'em up and throw 'em away, adding needless mass to our landfills. So while fuel cells may seem like a godsend to some, they seem like more trouble than they're worth to others. I'd much rather carry a rechargeable battery charger or use some foresight and keep my stuff charged. But that's just me. ;-)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Power Up With TunePower

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Accessories" @ 03:30 PM


"We got a chance to play with the Belkin TunePower portable Zune battery, and found it's actually pretty handy for people who travel. The TunePower is essentially a large battery that latches on Yoda-style to the back of your Zune—except Yoda didn't stick his charger into Luke's dock connector hole."

Nothing like a bad (but funny) Star Wars joke to start off a review! Gizmodo takes a look at the backpack style battery add-on TunePower from Belkin. Man that thing sure is thick, but sure could come in handy for those long trips away from a charger.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Simple Tips to Extend Playtime

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Talk" @ 08:30 AM


"How you use the Zune player can affect the Zune battery lifespan. Under normal situations, a zune battery can up to 14 hours with the wireless setting turned off while playing mp3. If you are watching videos, it can last up to about 4 hours. Here are some tips that can help maximize your zune battery lifespan."

Check out this blog for some simple, common sense tips for getting the maximum playtime out of your Zune's battery.

Tags: battery

Friday, February 2, 2007

Double Your Battery Life with Belkin's TunePower

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Accessories" @ 10:40 AM


"TunePower keeps the music playing even when your Zune player’s internal battery is drained. It offers a great solution for long flights, train rides, hikes--any time you want to extend your music and video playtime."

Belkin's TunePower can help you out with those situations when you're unable to recharge your Zune for extended periods of time. The TunePower claims a battery life of 6 to 12 hours. Assuming those specs are 6 hours for video, and 12 for audio, it effectively double's your playtime between charges. TunePower is essentially a battery back which piggy-backs on your Zune by sapping onto the top and bottom edges of your Zune, and then plugging a small tether cable into your Zune's port. You can find a review of TunePower on the Gear Diary website here.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Batteries Causing Screen Cracks?

Posted by Darius Wey in "Zune Talk" @ 12:00 PM


"Interesting news on the Zune front: a friendly tipster's buddy works at a Microsoft call center and handles Zune-related issues. Apparently they've received numerous reports of the Zune screen cracking for no apparent reason, after being left charging overnight. Our tipster's friend conjectures that the lithium ion battery -- which resides right behind the top half of the Zune's screen -- is expanding from overheating and putting too much pressure on the screen, causing it to crack. Unfortunately, Microsoft currently regards the issue as outside warranty coverage, leaving the victims with a broken Zune and nowhere to turn.

A quick skim of the Engadget comments sees many Zune users leaving their devices charging overnight with no problems whatsoever, so it's tempting to tag this whole story as "nasty rumour slash scam". Although, if you're one of the few who have reported cracking screens to Microsoft, we'd sure like to hear from you.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Zune Stories From the Field

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Talk" @ 11:00 AM


"Today I took my Zune (and my two daughters and one of their friends) with me on a snowboarding trip to Mount Baker - our local ski hill and, incidentally, home of the world's record for most snowfall in a season (95 feet, no less). Over the course of the day, I put the Zune through a field test of its battery performance, temperature tolerance, and its ability to withstand an unintentional bounce or two."

How would Zune hold up with hours of continual use, boarding down your favorite slops in freezing temperatures, and taking the brunt of some bone-jarring spills? Pretty well, apparently. Check out this post on Zunerama for the complete story. Personally, my Zune much prefers sitting beside the nice cozy fireplace while I'm out hitting the slopes. (Read: I'm too worried about concentrating on staying off my butt to even consider listening to any tunes while I'm on the slopes.) :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Let the Mods Begin

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Hardware" @ 09:00 AM


"We have found that the Zune battery is the same as the iPod Video 60/80GB battery. We can start upgrades for existing Zune customers now. We have also found that the new ZIF drives from Toshiba will work in the Zune players. You will be able to upgrade your 30GB Zune to a 40GB right away. We have not found a way to insert the 60GB or 80GB drives yet, as the back panel would not fit back on if we did this."

Ready for a larger capacity Zune? I hope you're handy with an X-Acto! iPodMods has been busy tearing apart the Zune in an effort to supply us with replacement parts and upgrades. So far they have been able to install a 40 GB hard drive as well as an extended battery. Theoretically you can also upgrade to a 60GB or 80GB drive as well, but because of the extra thickness of these drives, you cannot snap the case back together. (What good is all that extra thickness to the Zune case if you can't squeeze in a little bigger hard drive?) So if you simply have to have a little extra storage or batter life for your Zune, head on over the iPodMods Zune pages and check out their offerings.

Update: Zune-Online has a screenshot of a Zune with a 80GB HD. Now if they can just get that cover snapped back on! :)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Zune Battery Life Figures Revealed

Posted by Darius Wey in "Zune Talk" @ 07:30 PM


Microsoft has just revealed battery life figures for the Zune. First, the good news: wireless doesn't suck much juice, and the hours you can get out of a single charge are very similar to the 30GB iPod. With music playback, the Zune will give you 13 hours with wireless on and 14 hours with wireless off (the 30GB iPod offers up to 14 hours). With video playback and picture slideshows, you'll get up to 4 hours (the 30GB iPod offers up to 4 hours and 3.5 hours respectively). So, what's the bad news? Truth be told, I would have preferred something more. It's great that the Zune doesn't lose out to the iPod, but a little disappointing that it doesn't do any better. Microsoft could have easily packed a better battery into the device to get 50% more hours, without adding any extra bulk. Well, I guess we'll wait and see what the second generation delivers.

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